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Sparkle Window Cleaning

Don’t let dirty windows blemish the appearance of your home or business.  Whether your entertaining family around the holidays, selling your home or need to have a polished and professional appearance for your business, it is important to know that at Sparkle, we treat your home or business as if it were our own.  From our attention to detail on your windows, to our appearance we offer cleaning-made-easy solutions to your windows so make Sparkle deserving of your first call!

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These poles can reach upward of 70’ from the ground eliminating the use of ladders or having our technicians repel off the side of a building.

Our water-fed pole system is the most advanced technology in window cleaning. From a pump on the ground, water is fed through a filtration system and pumped through the poles where pure water is being used on the windows we are cleaning, eliminating all minerals and impurities from the water that cause windows to spot.

This system allows our crews to clean the windows faster and because the water being used is pure, we do not have to dry the windows or use squeegees to rid the windows of any excess water as the water can air dry on the windows allowing us to move on to other windows on the job.

With our own systems and techniques in place, Sparkle Window Cleaning Services can offer you the superior cleaning performance that no other company in the southeast can. Want to see your windows Sparkle? Then try it out for yourself. We offer both commercial and residential window cleaning services for your home and/or business. Don’t waste time cleaning all your windows yourself with a ladder and a squeegee. Call Sparkle instead!

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Filter the Water

With our state-of-the-art water filtration system, we remove all of the mineral deposits and impurities of the tap water, giving you clean and pristine pure water to use for your windows.

Wash the Windows

Using our brush with the filtered water pumping through the bristles, we scrub the grime and debris off your windows. After the windows have been scrubbed, we rinse off with the ultra-filtered water to make sure no residue is left behind. We also have a smaller, solution-fed brush for interior windows that keeps the water contained within the brush.

Air Dry

Since the water is pure, and the windows scrubbed & rinsed, no wiping or drying is required! Simply let the water evaporate and your windows will Sparkle!