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Sparkle Pressure Washing

Our state-of- the-art pressure washers utilize a “cooldrive” technology that is designed to keep the pumps cool, reducing the heat by 25% and round brushes that leaves concrete streak-less whereas older technology causes streaks and will overheat over time causing the job to take longer.

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Our pressure washers offer a “soft wash” which provides a gentler, yet still thoroughly cleansing spray of your home or business while reducing the damage caused by traditional pressure washers.

Houses and buildings have different exteriors. With traditional pressure washing, the harder spray causes bits of paint to peel off and pieces of concrete to chip away. Sparkle’s “soft wash” treats your building nicer! A softer spray yields less damage and more efficient results leaving your home spotless and damage free.

Sparkle offers top notch service at an affordable price! Why waste hundreds of dollars on equipment, time, and labor for a mediocre do-it-yourself when Sparkle’s professionals can get the job done right for you? Our state-of-the-art technology combined with our years of experience means you’ll always be getting the best. Don’t let a dirty exterior keep you unsatisfied; let your home shine bright with a Sparkle clean! See for yourself what we can do for you!

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  • “cooldrive” technology allows our pressure washers to run longer allowing us to finish the job faster and making it more cost effective for you
  • circular brushes mean streak-free cleans and a more uniform look for your driveway
  • soft scrub prevents damage to your home or building; a lighter spray means less paint peels and concrete chips
  • professional service meets exceptional quality when the Sparkle team tackles your cleaning needs